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Tim Disney

Weekly Link Roundup

Details surface about Google's project Glass. The future is now and all that. Rainbows End and Daemon/Freedom™ are now required reading.

I didn't realize when I first saw it but xkcd's April 1st comic was actually quite brilliant.

Some good advice on giving academic talks under the twin lenses of memory (your audience's resource — build context and be wary of details) and fear (your resource — desensitize and dissociate).

An interesting privacy hack for the web was announced and kickstarted. Amusingly enough they use Libya's ccTLD (.ir or .eg would also have been apropos). Hopefully they've thought about domain seizures.

And on a related note, here's a good read on the internet wars. In particular the forces of order (SOPA/PIPA, Iran, China, Egypt, etc.) vs. the forces of chaos (Anonymous, LulzSec, etc.).