Joss Whedon strikes again!

July 2008 ยท 1 minute read

For those of you itching to get your Joss Whedon fix (you know…the guy who only just gave us Firefly!), you might want to checkout Dr. Horrible. It’s an amazing show that defies categorization (actually, it’s pretty easy to categorize this as a musical, but don’t let that turn you off). Amazing, hillarious…go watch it.

As an added bonus it was produced online entirely outside of the big studios which Whedon has good reason to be weary of after they axed what was perhaps the best shows ever made for television (granted that’s not necessarily saying a lot…but Firfly was amazing!). If Dr. Horrible is successful (and it’s definitely worthy of success) than maybe we can start seeing more shows created outside the “system”. This would be nothing but good to my mind.