Oops, iDidit again

April 2008 · 1 minute read

As you might remember I have recently fallen in with a somewhat circumscribed branch of the mac cult. Well, it is my pleasure (?) to let you know I've fallen even farther. Yep, I'm now the proud owner of a very shiny new MacBook. Now all I need is an iPhone and my journey towards the dark (albeit very pretty) side will be complete :)

One thing I'm having trouble with though is deciding which text editor to use. I've been a huge fan of Vim for the past couple years and its perfect modal editing has become seared into my fingers. I'm also pretty certain God uses vi when He needs to get down to any serious text editing (heh, and you wonder why they call editor debates holy wars).

Since getting a mac though I've been playing around with TextMate (which I'm actually using to post this entry). I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it integrate very nicely with OS X and snippets are pretty much the sweetest thing ever (IDEA which I use at work for Java editing has pretty much the same thing called Live Templates). But no vi style modal editing!

Any of you mac users out there have the same troubles?