Allah Is A Demon

March 2008 ยท 2 minute read

Or so says pastor Driscol. For the longest time I was convinced that he had ceased his controversial ways, contenting himself to the occasional pot shot at Brian McLaren.

But no. Apparently he will not be tamed.

View it for yourself here

sigh But it gets even better. I did a quick google blog search to see if anyone else was talking about it (doing a regular web search for " allah is a demon " is an exercise in pain I shall leave to the reader). Apparently the blogsphere has recently gone crazy over remarks made by McCain supporter Pastor Rod Parsley. The gist of which is that he believes allah is a demon spirit and that “America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion Islam destroyed”.

While I’m sure Driscol won’t go so far as to say America is destined to destroy Islam (I hope), we are still left with his statement. If only it were a bad case of religious Tourettes and it could all be chalked up to crazy old Driscol doing his controversial thing. But no. He actually means it and gives a couple of verses to support him.

I case you couldn’t tell by now, dear reader, I Don’t Agree with Driscol. Regardless of your views on demons/spirituality, to assert with 100% certainty that the entire religion of Islam is nothing more than demon worship is incredibly arrogant. Not to mention offensive.

And it doesn’t seem very biblical to me. Though Driscol used a few verses in an attempt to anchor his belief in scripture, the appropriateness of the verses are tenuous at best. For some contrast look at the story in Acts 17:22-23 (from which Mars Hill derives its name by the way). Does Paul tell the Athenians “You all are worshiping demons! Turn or burn!”?

I really wish Driscol wasn’t turning into this generation’s Jerry Falwell/Pat Robinson.