The political process

February 2008 ยท 1 minute read

This weekend I did something fun and exciting: I attended the Washington state democratic caucus. It was a pretty amazing experience.

For those of you who don’t know, Washington state has this wonderfully thought out system for selecting delegates. We have both a caucus (which I just attended) and a primary which will take place in a few weeks. The Republican party selects about half their delegates from the caucus and half from the primary while the Democrats just care about the caucus. So why is the state spending ~10 million on a primary that hardly matters? Beats the crap out of me!

Anyhow, the caucus I went to was pretty cool. It was held at a school where about 20 precincts (each precinct represented by about 40 people) gathered. My precinct went solidly for Obama (as did the state as a whole) which made me pretty stoked. Why is this a good thing? Because methinks the next leader of the free world will be a democrat and the thought of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton gives me the shivers.