January 2008 ยท 2 minute read

Well, friends. I’ve finally gone and done it. I have become assimilated into the vast cultural and technological phenomenon that finds itself compelled to prefix the letter “i” to every lonesome noun that crosses its path. It is a cultish movement headed by a (somewhat) benevolent and charismatic leader (in whom we trust) who can do no wrong.

I am of course referring to Apple, but more specifically their iPod. Yes I have finally become one of those white ear bud wearing crazies, plugged into a never ending stream of Media. I could attempt to defend plunging oneself into the Media Stream but how about I not and just say I did?

So, after coming to the iPod craze several years late what are my thoughts on the device? Basically Apple deserves all the praise they’ve been getting for the past few years about their UI design. The iPod’s design takes what must be a limited interface and embraces simplicity. There are a lot of things the iPod simply won’t let you do (e.g. I can’t find a way of adding songs to a play list) and instead focuses on easily getting to and playing songs which it does handedly. The designers have pushed all the complicated aspects of managing one’s medial library back out to the general purpose computer where it belongs (more specifically iTunes which I am somewhat less thrilled about but I digress).