Open Source Theology

August 2007 ยท 1 minute read

I found an interesting site the other day: open source theology. So, if you like theology (yes) and you like open source (yes!) you might just be interested in it too. The tag line is “Collaborative theology for the emerging church”. What that means is that they are using drupal (an open source CMS w00t!) to collaboratively “do” theology.

While this may seem a bit radical (I’ve always thought of theology being done by aged men locked away with their lexicon) it actually does make some kind of sense. I remember one of my theology profs once mention that “real” theology is always done in community. I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind but the principle still stands.

By the way, if you’re confused about what the “emergent church” is all about, wikipedia has a good intro to it. Oversimplifying grossly, is is the postmodern church which tries to straddle the line between conservative and liberal Christianity. How well they succeed or if that even makes sense I leave as an exercise to the reader.