Computers (what else?)

June 2007 ยท 1 minute read

So, I’ve just recently discovered that hard drives are dirt cheep. While I’ve known this in principle for some time now, I didn’t realize just how cheep they’ve become. You can get over 300GB (SATA 3.0, 7200rpm, 16mb cache etc.) for under $100.

This recent discovery has convinced me that I need a data server (note the keyword need). My desktop has been in want of an upgrade anyway (it’s been with me for over four years) and now seems like the perfect time.

I’m thinking of hooking four of these up to raid 5 which should give me something like 900GB all wonderfully recoverable in the event of catastrophic hard drive failure.

What would I do with all this space you ask? Why store all my webvo‘ed shows of course! In case you didn’t know webvo is a web-based PVR system me and a few friends have been working on since last fall. Development slowed during spring (school and all that) but we’ve just about finished some major changes to make things even better.